I, Rodrigo X, have created this wiki on 7th October 2012 due to the lack of a wiki specialised in Hardstyle music, and because I'm a huge fan of it.

I will be working on it as much as I can, mostly at weekends and holidays, because like everyone at my age, school takes up lots of time that I would otherwise spend browsing the internet.

The aim of this wiki is to have articles about hardstyle artists, albums, EPs, labels and anything else related to hardstyle; as you can see listing ALL of the artists will be an impossible task, as there are so many of them, but taking one step at time one day this wiki might reach 500 pages or more!

My current goals are:

  • Create 20 articles
  • Finish designing the wiki
  • Work on SEO-related things (keywords, submit to search engines, etc.

After that I will smoothly advertise the wiki in order to bring fellow hardstylers, and my biggest goal of all is to create a big but stable community of people contributing here!

Expect more updates regarding the wiki,

your friendly local admin that is always available to be contacted at.

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