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Subground is a label founded by Activator in 2011. It releases music from a sub-genre of hard dance music, with the same name as the label.



Artist Title Year Catalog #
Activator Thavar / Darron 2011 SUB001
Activator Theppar / Koolter 2011 SUB002
Activator Thanaz / Larkee 2011 SUB003
Lee Mac Animated / Memory Loss 2011 SUB004
Activator ft. Reinweiss Kakee / Rombee 2011 SUB005
Activator Braddom / Krooley 2012 SUB006
Activator & Alex Kidd Excess / Crave 2012 SUB007
Activator & Smoke Desmo / Safado 2012 SUB008
Subkilla KRK 2012 SUB009
Acti Pantre / Poiak 2012 SUB010
Acti & Stana Creeple 2012 SUB011
Acti New Fanker 2012 SUB012
Acti Superbia 2012 SUB013
Acti Waykee 2013 SUB014
Smoke Sonora / Kavir 2013 SUB015
Argy Don't Give Up The Fight 2013 SUB016
Acti Zathan 2013 SUB017¹
Subkilla Urban Slayer 2013 SUB018
Max Robbers Rewind 2013 SUB019
Argy Off The Wall 2013 SUB020
Reinweiss Riot 2014 SUB021
Acti Peacock 2014 SUB022¹
Alex Kidd Lost The Plot 2014 SUB023
NeroArgento Subkilla The Walking Undead 2014 SUB024


  • ¹ - these tracks were originally meant to be released on Subground, but in the end it they were released on Big & Dirty, a sub-label of Be Yourself Music and a partner of the Subground label. They still count towards the catalog numbers of Subground.

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