Refuzion is a Norwegian hardstyle producer, Benjamin Sahba.

Discography Edit

DYWM (Do You Want Me) Dirty Workz, DWX Update 2014
We Go Dirty Workz, DWX Update 2015
Dream//Rising ‎ Invaders Records 2012
Run Away  Self-Released 2013
Secrets // Ages ‎ Invaders Records 2013
Forgiven//Clarity ‎ Invaders Records 2013
Whisper ‎ Self-Released 2014
Neurotic / Lonely ‎ Invaders Records 2014
A New Dream  Dirty Workz, DWX Update 2015
Euphoria ‎ Dirty Workz 2015
Without You Dirty Workz 2015
A Million Voices Dirty Workz 2016
Da Tweekaz & Refuzion - Good Vibes ‎ Dirty Workz 2016
Refuzion & Noiseshock - Another World ‎ Dirty Workz 2016
Don't Care ‎ Dirty Workz 2016

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