Update, Bounce & Anarchy

Country Of Origin



Hardstyle & Jumpstyle

Founding year



Koen Bauweraerts (Coone)



Dirty Workz is a Belgian hardstyle & jumpstyle record label founded in 2006 by Koen Bauweraerts, also referred to as DJ Coone. With acts such as Psyko Punkz , Da Tweekaz, DJ Isaac and Demoniak Dirty Workz is one of the best known labels in its genres.


The in 2006 founded sublabel of Toff Music started slowly, releasing only a few Tracks (12" Releases) from various artists beside of Coone in the first years.

But with time the label got bigger and new forces joined the upcoming label and making it become what it is today, Belgium's biggest and best known Hardstyle label.

Even now Dirty Workz is still growing, especially in 2012/13 new big steps where made with names like Isaac, Hard Driver, Deepack & Audiofreq joining the label and the introduction of the new raw sublabel Dirty Workz Anarchy.


Dirty WorkzEdit

Dirty Workz UpdateEdit

Update supports newcomers and unknown artists.

Dirty Workz BounceEdit

Bounce is the jump/tek sublabel of Dirty Workz.

Dirty Workz AnarchyEdit

Anarchy, founded in 2012, is the sublabel dedicated to rawstyle.

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