Coone The Challenge
Coone - The Challenge




Toff Music (CD) & Dirty Workz (Download)

Release Date

24. April 2011


Hard Dance Awards - Best Album Of 2011



The Challenge is an album by Coone, released in 2011 at Dirty Workz. The special thing about The Challenge is that the 15 Tracks on it were made in only one single month (March-April 2011). Every week is documented on DVD (also on Coone's YouTube channel).

This album was considered the Best Hard Dance Album Of The Year 2011 by Hard Dance Awards.


  1. Coone - The Challenge
  2. Coone & Scope DJ - Traveling
  3. Coone - Universal Language
  4. Coone & Da Tweekaz - D.W.X
  5. Coone - The Way That I Ride
  6. Ambassador Inc. - Moment Of Creation
  7. Coone & Psyko Punkz - The Words
  8. Coone - Musical Notez
  9. Ambassador Inc. - Come Take My Hand
  10. Coone - Open Up The Trunk
  11. Coone & Ruthless - Pacmen
  12. Coone & B-Front - Crossin' Over
  13. Coone & Zatox - Audio Attack
  14. Coone & Deepack - Code
  15. Coone - The Challenge (Evil Activities Remix)

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