Bassleader Logo 2013


Bass Events & Art Of Dance




Flanders Expo, Gent


2006 - present


Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Jump/Tek, Oldschool

Bassleader also known as The Capital Of The Harder Styles is Belgiums biggest indoor Hard Dance Festival with over 15'000 visitors and five stages in the genres Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Jump/Tek and Oldschool.

Bassleader takes place once per year at the Flanders Expo in Gent and is organized by Bass Events and Art Of Dance.


  • 2006Coone - The Bassleader Anthem
  • 2007 ▬ Binum - Bassleader Anthem 2007
  • 2008Noisecontrollers - Bassleader Anthem 2008 (Hardstyle Anthem)
  • 2008Ronald V & Chicago Zone - Bassleader Anthem 2008 (Jump Anthem)
  • 2009Psyko Punkz - Capital Of Harder Styles(Hardstyle Anthem)
  • 2009 ▬ Fenix - Capital Of Harder Styles (Jump Anthem)
  • 2010The Vision - The City Never Sleeps
  • 2011Scope DJ - Into The Capital (Hardstyle Anthem)
  • 2011 ▬ Outblast - Bassleader (Hardcore Anthem)
  • 2012Hard Driver - Under Attack (Hardstyle Anthem)
  • 2012 ▬ Re-Style - Wasteland (Hardcore Anthem)

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